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Howells RJ, Burthe SJ, Green JA, Harris MP, Newell MA, Butler A, Johns DG, Carnell EJ, Wanless S, Daunt F. 2017.
From days to decades: short- and long-term variation in environmental conditions affect offspring diet composition of a marine top predator
Marine Ecology Progress Series 227 - 242. 10.3354/meps12343

Other publications


    Cornwell L, Findlay H, Fileman E, Smyth T, Hirst A, Bruun J, McEvoy A, Widdicombe C, Castellani C, Lewis C, Atkinson A. 2018.
    Seasonality of Oithona similis and Calanus helgolandicus reproduction and abundance: contrasting responses to environmental variation at a shelf site
    Journal of Plankton Research 10.1093/plankt/fby007
    Fanjul A, Iriarte A, Villante F, Uriarte I, Atkinson A, Cook K. 2018.
    Zooplankton seasonality across a latitudinal gradient in the Northeast Atlantic Shelves Province
    Continental Shelf Research 49-62. 10.1016/j.csr.2018.03.009
    Guy-Haim T, Lyons D, Kotta J, Ojaveer H, Queirós A, Chatzinikolaou E, Arvanitidis C, Como S, Magni P, Blight A, Orav-Kotta H, Somerfield PJCrowe T, Rilov, G . 2018.
    Diverse effects of invasive ecosystem engineers on marine biodiversity and ecosystem functions – a global review and meta-analysis
    Global Change Biology 10.1111/gcb.14007
    Howarth LM, Somerfield P, Blanchard J, Hiddink JG. 2018.
    Celtic and Irish Sea benthic biomass size spectra data collected across gradients in fishing pressure and primary productivity.
    British Oceanographic Data Centre - Natural Environment Research Council 10.5285/674d4224-7cc5-4080-e053-6c86abc0626e
    Ingels, J, dos Santos G, Hicks N, Vazquez YV, Neres PF, Pontes LP, Amorim MN, Román S, Yongfen D, Stahl H, Somerfield PJ, Widdicombe S. 2018.
    Short-term CO2 exposure and temperature rise effects on metazoan meiofauna and free-living nematodes in sandy and muddy sediments: Results from a flume experiment
    Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology 10.1016/j.jembe.2017.07.012
    Lessin G, Artioli Y, Almroth-Rosell E, Blackford JC, Dale AW, Glud RN, Middelburg JJ, Pastres R, Queirós AM, Rabouille C, Regnier P, Soetaert K, Solidoro C, Stephens N, Yakushev E.. 2018.
    Modelling Marine Sediment Biogeochemistry: Current Knowledge Gaps, Challenges, and Some Methodological Advice for Advancement
    Front. Mar. Sci. 10.3389/fmars.2018.00019
    Peck MA, Arvanitidis C, Butenschön M, Melaku Canu D, Chatzinikolaou E, Cucco A, Domenici P, Fernandes JA, Gasche L, Huebert KB, Hufnagl M, Jones MC, Kempf A, Keyl F, Maar M, Mahévas S, Marchal P, Nicolas D, Pinnegar JK, Rivot E, Rochette S, Sell AF, Sinerchia M, Solidoro C, Somerfield PJ, Teal LR, Travers-Trolet M, van de Wolfshaar K. 2018.
    Projecting Changes in the Distribution and Productivity of Living Marine Resources: A Critical Review of the Suite of Modeling Approaches used in the Large European Project VECTORS. 
    Est. Coast. Shelf Sci. 10.1016/j.ecss.2016.05.019
    Queirós AM, Fernandes J, Genevier L, Lynam CP. 2018.
    Climate change alters fish community size-structure, requiring adaptive policy targets
    Fish and Fisheries 1-9. 10.1111/faf.12278
    Schmidt K, Brown A, Belt S, Ireland L, Taylor W, Thorpe S, Ward P, Atkinson A. 2018.
    Do pelagic grazers benefit from sea ice? Insights from the Antarctic sea ice proxy IPSO25
    Biogeosciences 10.5194/bg-15-1987-2018
    Somerfield PJ, Dashfield SL, Warwick RM . 2018.
    The structure and organisation of integral marine benthic communities in relation to sieve mesh size
    Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology 10.1016/j.jembe.2017.08.007


    Atkinson A, Hill S, Pakhomov E,  Siegel V, Anadon R,  Chiba S, Daly K, Downie R, Fielding S, Fretwell P, Gerrish L, Hosie G, Jessopp M, Kawaguchi S, Krafft B, Loeb V, Nishikawa J, Peat H,  Reiss C, Ross R, Quetin L, Schmidt K, Steinberg D, Subramaniam R, Tarling G, Ward P. 2017.
    ​KRILLBASE: a circumpolar database of Antarctic krill and salp numerical densities, 1926–2016
    Earth System Science Data 193-210. 10.5194/essd-9-193-2017
    Barrios-O’Neill D, Bertolini C and Collins PC. 2017.
    Trophic cascades and the transient keystone concept
    Biological Conservation 212:191–195. 10.1016/j.biocon.2017.06.011
    Blanchard J, Heneghan R, Everett J, Trebilco R, Richardson A. 2017.
    From Bacteria to Whales: Using Functional Size Spectra to Model Marine Ecosystems
    Trends in Ecology & Evolution 174-186. 10.1016/j.tree.2016.12.003
    Blanchard J, Watson R, Fulton E, Cottrell R, Nash K, Brndum-Bucholz A, Büchner M, Carozza D, Cheung W, Elliott J, Davidson L, Dulvy N, Dunne J, Eddy T, Galbraith E, Lotze H, Maury O, Müller C, Tittensor D, Jennings S. 2017.
    ​Linked sustainability challenges and trade-offs among fisheries, aquaculture and agriculture
    Nature Ecology & Evolution 1240-1249. 10.1038/s41559-017-0258-8
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    Alexander KA, Meyjes SA, Heymans JJ. 2016.
    Spatial ecosystem modelling of marine renewable energy installations: Gauging the utility of Ecospace
    Ecological Modelling Volume 331, 115-128. 10.1016/j.ecolmodel.2016.01.016
    Barrios-O’Neill D, Ruth K, Dick J, Ricciardi A, MacIsaac H, Emmerson M. 2016.
    On the context-dependent scaling of consumer feeding rates.
    Ecology Letters 19 (6) 668-678. 10.1111/ele.12605
    Börger T, Broszeit S, Ahtiainen H, Atkins JP, Burdon D, Luisetti T, Murillas A, Oinonen S, Paltriguera L, Roberts L, Uyarra M and Austen MC. 2016.
    Assessing Costs and Benefits of Measures to Achieve Good Environmental Status in European Regional Seas: Challenges, Opportunities, and Lessons Learnt
    Front. Mar. Sci. 10.3389/fmars.2016.00192
    Bucklin A, Lindeque P, Rodriguez-Ezpeleta N, Lehtiniemi M. 2016.
    Metabarcoding of marine zooplankton: prospects, progress and pitfalls
    Journal of Plankton Research 393-400. 10.1093/plankt/fbw023
    Cavanagh RD, Broszeit S, Pilling G, Grant SM, Murphy EJ. and Austen MC. 2016.
    Valuing biodiversity and ecosystem services – A useful way to manage and conserve marine resources? 
    Proceedings of the Royal Society of London B Biological Sciences Special Feature: The value of biodiversity in the Anthropocene. 10.1098/rspb.2016.1635
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    Acevedo-Trejos E, Brandt G, Bruggeman J and Merico A. 2015.
    Mechanisms shaping size structure and functional diversity of phytoplankton communities in the ocean.
    Scientific Reports 10.1038/srep08918
    Atkinson A, Harmer R, Widdicombe CE, McEvoy A, Smyth TJ, Cummings D, Somerfield PJ, Maud J and McConville K. 2015.
    Questioning the role of phenology shifts and trophic mismatching in a planktonic food web
    Progress in Oceanography Volume 137, Part B, 498–512. 10.1016/j.pocean.2015.04.023
    Broszeit S, Hattam C, Beaumont N. 2015.
    Bioremediation of waste under ocean acidification: Reviewing the role of Mytilus edulis.
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    Shape shifting predicts ontogenetic changes in metabolic scaling in diverse aquatic invertebrates
    The Royal Society Proceedings B 20142302.. 10.1098/rspb.2014.2302
    Hirst A, Horne C, Atkinson D. 2015.
    Equal temperature–size responses of the sexes are widespread within arthropod species
    Proceedings of the Royal Society B 282: 20152475. 10.1098/rspb.2015.2475
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