Dr Ana Queirós

Dr Ana Queirós

Plymouth Marine Laboratory


Benthic ecology; Climate Change; Ecosystem modelling, Functional ecology

I'm a benthic ecologist at PML, involved in a diverse range of projects aimed at disentangling the impacts of global change on benthic biota and biogeochemistry. I am also very interested in understanding the natural macro-scale dynamics of marine ecosystems. My current research focuses on the understanding of seasonality in benthic ecosystem processes, the impacts of ocean warming, acidification and hypoxia, and the potential risks posed by carbon capture and storage technology as a climate regulation strategy. My role at PML involves mescosm based and macro-scale ecological research, statistical analysis, ecosystem modelling development, and applications of dynamic bioclimatic envelope modelling.

Selected Publications

Queirós, A. M., J. A. Fernandes, S. Faulwetter, J. Nunes, S. P. S. Rastrick, N. Mieszkowska, Y. Artioli, A. Yool, P. Calosi, C. Arvanitidis, H. S. Findlay, M. Barange, W. W. L. Cheung, and S. Widdicombe. 2014. Scaling up experimental ocean acidification and warming research: from individuals to the ecosystem. Global Change Biology. DOI: 10.1111/gcb.12675

Queirós, A. M., J. Bruggeman, N. Stephens, Y. Artioli, M. Butenschön, J. C. Blackford, S. Widdicombe, P. J. Somerfield, and J. I. Allen. Accepted pending correction. Placing biodiversity in ecosystem models without getting lost in translation. Journal of Sea Research.

Lyons, D. A., C. Arvanitidis, A. J. Blight, E. Chatzinikolaou, T. Guy-Haim, J. Kotta, H. Orav-Kotta, A. M. Queirós, G. Rilov, P. J. Somerfield, and T. P. Crowe. 2014. Macroalgal blooms alter community structure and primary productivity in marine ecosystems. Global Change Biology. 20: 2712–2724 http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/gcb.12644/abstract

Queirós, A. M., S. N. Birchenough, J. Bremner, J. A. Godbold, R. E. Parker, A. Romero‐Ramirez, H. Reiss, M. Solan, P. J. Somerfield, and C. Colen. 2013. A bioturbation classification of European marine infaunal invertebrates. Ecology and Evolution 3:3958-3985. http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1002/ece3.769/full

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